Love Poem

Quarantine, and the Case of the Missing Bra
March 17, 2020
Road Trip by Alan Ruff
June 9, 2020

Love poem for the best parts of the old world and the new.


I want to see your beautiful face up close.
I want to make you laugh. I want 3 or 4 of you to laugh so much you spit right in my face.
I want to dance with you outside in the sunshine and drink from the same beer bottle.
I want to pick up your kids and smother them with kisses.


I want to wear a brightly colored dress to the grocery store and we’ll see each other and share a way too long hug and cry in public and then laugh and linger in the aisle and make a plan to share dinner.
I want bureaucratic structures to crumble. I want the people to have what they need and be satisfied.
I want things to make sense. I want everyone to feel safe and fearless.
I want us to hold hands and pray together. I want to bless everyone I know and love and everyone you know and love and honor everyone that we know and love that has passed.
I want to harmonize with you, to sit around a campfire and beg you to play that song that I love on the guitar so I can sing it.


I want to get on a plane with you and go to an island where we are greeted warmly by strangers who become fast friends. I want to sit at a local bar on this island and lazily party with locals allll day until we have too much sun and need aloe and a nap.
I want to go to a big strange new city with you and wander in and out of bookstores and bars and coffee shops and find a great place for dinner. I want a table near the window so we can make fun of people walking by.
I want people to surrender their pride and greed and humble themselves to lessons.


I want to talk with you for hours about that book you love and why you love it. I want to listen to the stories of your crazy cousin at the Tiger’s games and how your grandmother used to make the best pierogis.

I want to cook you your favorite meal. I want you to call me while I’m at the store and tell me not to forget that certain spice because it really makes the dish and you just checked the cabinet and we are running really low.
I want us to be in a crowded bar with a reggae band and a good buzz.
I want you to come over to borrow a bike tire pump and then end up staying to smoke a joint and drink coffee and gossip.
I want to help you dye your roots. I want us to paint each other’s fingernails.


I want to lay on my side of the bed and stare in your face while you tell me about some mundane thing after we’ve had great sex. I wanna feel all of your skin on mine.
I see the changes that I knew were coming and know they are good. I can feel it.
I want to calm the fear of change that I see, the fear of loss, the fear of lack.
I want us to have eyes to see and minds to conceive that we are provided for.
I see kindness and want to magnify it.

I want the light that is shining on all the ways we are connected to each other and the earth to get brighter and brighter and clearer and brighter until the act of denying it seems like obvious madness.
I see resources to be shared. I see bartering and evening out. I see grace and forgiveness. I see a new knowing as we meet on this plane of uncertainty. I see struggle. I see surrender.
I see us. We are a web of pulsing energy. We are a big emotional beautiful imperfect human organism sharing the whole planet with all the creatures hurtling through space.

I see us. I see you.

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